Maximizing Loan Size in Income Property Finance: Understanding DSCR

Maximizing Loan Size in Income Property Finance: Understanding DSCR

In income property finance, determining the maximum loan an income property can support is crucial. This calculation often overshadows factors like interest rates and points due to its significance in loan negotiation. The process hinges on understanding and applying the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR).

The Role of DSCR

DSCR is calculated as: DSCR = Net Operating Income (NOI) ➗ Total Debt Service

This ratio is pivotal in establishing the maximum loan amount a borrower can obtain.

Total Debt Service

Remember, Total Debt Service includes the principal and interest (P&I) payments on all existing mortgages on the property post the arrangement of the new loan.

Algebraic Application in Loan Calculation

Using basic algebra, we can manipulate the DSCR formula to find the maximum loan amount.

Here's an example: Suppose a lender requires a DSCR of 1.25. With an NOI of $65,000.

The equation becomes: $65,000 ➗ Debt Service = 1.25

Isolating 'Debt Service', we get: Debt Service = $65,000 ➗ 1.25 = $52,000

Calculating the Maximum Loan Amount

Let’s assume an interest rate of 13% for an interest-only loan.

The calculation would be: Annual Debt Service: $52,000 divided by Interest Rate: 13%

Maximum Loan Amount: $52,000 ➗ 0.13 = $400,000

This $400,000 is the maximum loan amount that the lender, in this case, Got BIz Loans, is willing to offer if they require a 1.25 DSCR.

Steps for Calculating Maximum Loan Size

1. Divide NOI by DSCR: This step finds the maximum permissible annual debt service.

2. Calculate Loan Size: Use a financial calculator or equivalent tool. Input the derived maximum annual payment as PMT, the interest rate as %i, and the amortization term as N. The calculator will provide the Present Value (PV), which represents the maximum loan size.

Additional Note for Second Mortgages

When calculating a potential second mortgage, it's crucial to subtract the debt service on the first mortgage after dividing the NOI by the DSCR. The NOI must adequately cover both the first and second mortgages, including the required DSCR "cushion."

Navigating the intricacies of income property finance, especially determining the maximum loan size, requires a clear understanding of the DSCR and its application. By using simple algebra and financial calculations, borrowers and lenders can ascertain the maximum loan amount, balancing the borrower's need for funds and the lender's risk management. This process, while seemingly complex, becomes straightforward with practice and is essential in successful property financing.

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