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See how much your business is eligible for.

If your business has been operational for over 6 months, generates $20,000 or more in monthly gross deposits, and you have a personal mid FICO score of 550 or above, you could be eligible for an unsecured or secured business loan with us. Discover your options quickly with our easy application process.

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Our mission.

To connect you with proven lenders and investors, we know and trust, using the 5 A's of AI "Assistant, Advisor, Augmented, Authority, and Autonomy" aka MM5. At Got Biz Loans, we embody the essence of our name – "Got Biz Loans" – a testament to our dedication to perfectly aligning your financial needs with the right solutions. With a commitment to transparency and simplicity, we offer unparalleled access to the most extensive network of online lenders available. Our foundation, laid by a team of seasoned entrepreneurs, bankers, and investors, is deeply rooted in an understanding of the critical importance of dependable financial partners – ones who stand by you through thick and thin. Crafted with your journey as a business owner at the heart, our services are more than just transactions; they are a partnership in your success. At Got Biz Loans, we don't just facilitate funding; we forge relationships that nurture your growth, stability, and prosperity. Trust us to be the steadfast ally in your business odyssey, empowering you with financial solutions that resonate with both your emotional needs and business acumen.
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  • Got Biz Loans offers seamless access to a vast network of online lenders, created by experts for reliable, simple financial solutions tailored to every business owner's journey.
  • Having experienced the challenges of business lending ourselves, we understand the frustration of mismatched lender connections. We've streamlined the process to quickly pair you with the right lender, saving time and reducing stress. Trust us for an empathetic and efficient lending experience.
  • With two decades in the lending industry, our team has evolved from traditional branch banking to the forefront of online banking and fintech. We've witnessed the marvel of digital transactions and contract signings, gaining unparalleled insights into how lenders assess and interact with small businesses. This rich experience uniquely positions us to understand and meet your lending needs effectively.
Purchase equipment.
Grow your team.
Invest in marketing.

Funds to grow your business.

Unlock essential working capital for your business's expansion efficiently with our streamlined funding process. By submitting a single application along with your business's last three months of bank statements, you can leverage our sophisticated algorithm to explore a breadth of lending options tailored to your financial requirements.
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Capital solutions for your business.

As a small business, you might find traditional banks and lenders less accommodating. However, accessing capital is key to your business growth. We specialize in breaking down these financial barriers. Explore our lending marketplace today to discover optimal capital solutions tailored to your business needs.
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Minimum eligibility criteria.

At Got Biz Loans, we understand that each business owner's journey is unique, filled with aspirations and challenges. Our financial products are crafted with this in mind, aligned with market-researched parameters to guide your business towards success. While our application guidelines are not rigid prerequisites, they are thoughtfully designed to enhance your potential in securing the working capital you need. Our goal is to empower your business, providing insights and support that pave the way for effective funding solutions through our platform. Your success is our commitment.


In Monthly Deposits

6 mos+

Time In Business


Credit Score

Simple steps β€”big impact.

Access personalized business loans and funding through our curated network of lenders and investors. Apply today and experience our algorithm's guidance. Got Biz Loans is dedicated to linking you with optimal working capital choices, nurturing your financial journey.
One application for all lenders.
Receivables Purchase
Lender purchases future revenue from sales at a discount and you pay back over a period of time with fixed daily or weekly payments.
Line of Credit
You can borrow up to a maximum credit limit and only pay interest on the amount of funds you draw from your credit line on a monthly basis.
Term Loan
Lump sum amount lent to the business, which is paid back over a period of time with regular scheduled payments determined by your credit profile.
Invoice Factoring
Sell outstanding invoices to a lender who will pay you a portion of the amount up front. The remaining percentage is held until the invoice is paid by your customer and a fee is deducted.
Equipment Financing
Lender provides you the cash you need to purchase a piece of equipment. You pay back the total amount, plus interest, over a period of time.
Our advisors provide the support you need.
β€’ Guide you through the process.
β€’ Explain your funding options.
β€’ Negotiate with lenders on your behalf.

A wide range of funding options.

Got Biz Loans changes the game in business funding. Our marketplace meets your urgent needs with different options. Fill out one form and connect with many lenders and investors. Get custom funding offers easily, and handle it all with one Got Biz Loans account. Save over 100 hours finding the capital you need.
Term Loan.
β€’ Up to $10,000,000.
β€’ 6 to 120 months.
β€’ Up to $750,000.
β€’ 3 to 24 months.
Line of credit.
β€’ Up to $10,000,000.
β€’ Revolving terms.
Other Loan Options.
β€’ Amounts will vary.
β€’ 3 to 120 months.

Get funding fast, grow faster.

Extra capital gives you the chance to invest in growth initiatives for your business. These investments can soon yield long-term benefits.
Fuel Your Future! πŸš€

Exploring Got Biz Loans marketplace.

Begin your journey towards business growth with Got Biz Loans' streamlined process, initiated by a simple 15-minute application. From there, we take the reins, guiding you seamlessly through every step of your financial journey to ensure you're on the path to success.
Complete an easy application, upload business bank statements or link your account via PLAID for cash flow analysis. This free service requires no commitment and won't impact your credit score, as only soft checks are performed.
Upon receiving your application and bank statements, our system analyzes cash flow and credit to find the best funding options. A loan specialist will then guide you in selecting the ideal business funding solution for your needs.
Upon accepting a business loan offer, your loan specialist will provide a term sheet for review and signature. After signing and providing a voided check, funds will be ACH transferred to your business account, potentially within 4 business hours.
Use the funds to boost your business, focusing on areas of expertise to foster growth and success. Seize this chance to improve operations, venture into new markets, or innovate in products and services, building a solid base for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Curious about how Got Biz Loans operates? We are completely transparent.
How long does it take to receive funding after the application is completed?
You might get funded in just 4 business hours! Your funding advisor will help with any steps needed before you receive the funds. The process is swift, adapting to your speed.
How do I go about applying for capital?
Begin your application in a snap by clicking 'Apply Now'. Complete the form with accurate information, upload your business's last three months' bank statements or link your bank account securely via PLAID, then hit 'Submit'. This digital process is quick, taking less than 5 minutes. Once submitted, we'll assign a funding advisor to you. They'll reach out using the contact details you provided and will support you throughout the process, answering any questions you may have.
Will my credit score be impacted by applying?
No, your credit score won't be affected when you apply, as we only perform soft credit inquiries. Once we have your application, our team of funding advisors will review it. A dedicated advisor will then be assigned to assist you through the next steps. This includes advising you of any potential hard credit checks before they occur, if needed. Generally, for SBA term loans like "7a or 504", a hard credit pull is required before funding.
What should I do if I encounter any questions during the application process?
If you encounter any questions while applying, go ahead and submit your completed application. Once we receive it, a funding advisor will be assigned to you and will reach out using the contact details you've provided. They will assist you with any questions, correct any typos, or fix mistakes in your application. Rest assured, your funding advisor will be available to address any of your concerns at any point after your application is submitted, and you can contact them via text, email, or phone.
What are my options for business financing?
Our lending platform specializes in various business financing solutions, including term loans, lines of credit, accounts receivable facilities, equipment financing, invoice factoring, merchant cash advances, and purchase order financing, tailored to your specific business needs. Once you submit an application with your business bank statements and contact information, we will assign a funding advisor to you. This advisor will use the contact details you provided in your application to connect with you. Together, you'll explore the best business funding options available for your current and future needs.
What do I need to provide for the application?
Initially, just basic information and your business's bank statements from the last three months and month-to-date are needed. As the application progresses through underwriting, additional documents may be requested depending on the lender's specific needs. If this occurs, your advisor will help guide you through submitting any extra required documentation.

Receive funding within hours.

Finish your application quickly in just 15 minutes. Upload your business bank statements or securely link your account using PLAID for cash flow analysis. Explore your options, select the best offer, and get funds deposited in your business bank account within 24 hours of approval.
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Receive Up to $26,000 Per Worker from the IRS.

Got Biz Loans can offer services to assist businesses in applying for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC), a program supporting companies impacted by COVID-19. The services include a simple application process, expertise in maximizing ERC refunds, and quick refund delivery. Eligibility criteria include operational disruptions, revenue reductions, and startups post-February 2020. Got Biz Loans can help navigate the complex tax code of ERC, ensuring businesses receive the maximum benefit, up to $26,000 per employee, even for those with PPP loans. This service is critical for businesses seeking financial recovery post-pandemic.

ERC Application

Determining Eligibility for ERC Benefits.

Your business, spanning industries from healthcare to hospitality, construction to arts and entertainment, could be eligible for the ERC depending on certain criteria.

ERC Application
  • Your business could qualify for the ERC if it experienced either complete or partial interruption of operations due to federal, state, or local government orders impacting business activities during 2020 or 2021.

  • Qualification for the ERC may also hinge on a decrease in gross revenue. Specifically, if your business's gross revenues or receipts in 2020 and 2021 showed a decline when compared quarter-by-quarter with 2019, this could make you eligible.

  • Your business may be eligible for the ERC as a recovery startup if it was established after February 15, 2020, and its annual gross revenue did not exceed $1 million.